Visit Mawlana or go into seclusion?


Assalamu allaykum Dears,

First of all a sincere thanks go to your hizmat providing us with such service. May ALLAH SWT grant you the best of the best.  I am a student from Uzbekistan currently studying in Sweden. Shaykh Nazim qs in his recent suhbat has given general permission for khalwat for 10 days only (from the 29 of Dhul Qa`dah up to just before Eid), insha-Allah, alhamdulillah. My dears I would be very much glad and honored to use this opportunity and inshAllah to become closer to our Loved, but I am afraid to fail without proper guidance. Unfortunately, there are no Haqqani Dergahs in Sweden. Moreover, I was also planning to visit Shaykh Nazim qs as well and alhamdulillah I got a permission for a visit from Shaykh Hisham Qabbani through I was counfused which one to do (i.e. khawlat or visiting), because I have limited time and oportunity since I need to keep up with my studies. However, an idea came to me thinking maybe I could perform the khawlat while visiting Shaykh Nazim (may Allah give him long and healthy life). Therefore, I was thinking will it be possible to do khalwat being a guest of someone or somwhere near Shaykh Nazim. I am very much sorry if I am requesting too much, may Rabbi Kareem forgive my bad manners.
Thank you very much for any kind of your reply.

Sorry for such long message. Please make dua for me to have proper manners.


wa `alaykum salam,

Visiting Mawlana Shaykh Nazim has a lot of spiritual merit on its own. If you visit Mawlana, and you still feel confused about this matter during your visit, then you should ask Mawlana himself.

Success is from Allah.

Ali Elsayed

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