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salamualaikum how often should one visit the Shaykh? Is there a number after which it’s bad manners? Is it ignorance to take different family members at different times when your up+down with your belief+problems yourself. I went 3 months ago but want to go again take one of my sisters but I feel little embarassed that Shaykh gonna get cross or I’m not changing despite going many times. I want love/peace/order/contentment to replace anger/fear/axiety/doubt/mental chaos. I’ve had some ease but then much hardship in matters big small (my in-laws/my parents/siblings/husband/kids/ my own mental/physical health am I going to lose it. I am not changing in myself deeply to a state where many are normal already. I’ve been in tariqa for nearly 10 years. I feel pangs of hopelessness/despair my worshipping/prayers/zikr is like yoyo CANNOT sustain it. How can I benefit. I’ve tried different things suggested but again not sustaining. If I’m not being punished why am I feeling it.thankyou4ever


as-Salam `alaykum!

Mawlana Shaykh (Allah ta`ala blesses him) used to say that his Shaykh, our beloved Grandshyakh Abdullah Daghestani (Allah ta`ala sanctifies his holy secret) used to say, “Do you know the best way to stop complaining?”
“No, tell me.”
“It’s easy”, he replied, “Just stop complaining!”
Thank you,

Abdul Haqq

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