Weakness in imaan


Salaam ‘Alaikum ww,

I wanted to ask Ya Shaykh, I have recently started practicing my deen properly since about a year ago. I was doing well and felt great but now I feel as if I am falling, weak, and I feel as if the imaan is leaving my heart. I want to get closer to Allah but need some advice on how to wash my sins. Even this Ramadhan I felt as if I did not do enough. Please tell me the best wazifa to ask for forgiveness and strengthen my imaan. This has made me really upset, and I just need some proper guidance please Ya Shaykh.

JazakALLAH khair and please forgive me if I have lacked in respect

Salaam alaikum ww.


Allah Almighty says in Qur’an “Thumma amanoo thumma kafaro”¬†which means that people’s hearts will believe, and then they do misdeeds, then they do good deeds again, then they fall into misdeeds again. See how Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. struggled against all odds. This is a lesson for us never to give up and never to give in to our laziness and distractions that keep us away from our beautiful deen. Insha Allah, with effort you shall taste the fruit that is sweet and you will want more and more of it.

Abdul Shakur

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