Adab of Permission & Istikhara


Salamu alaykum wa rahmah,

I was wondering why we have to ask permission to sheigh Kabbani or shaykh Nazim or shaigh x to do something like travel or hadj or Umrah.The prophet learned us how to perform salat istighara to ask advise direct to Allah thrue istighara. I’m new in Sufism please have sabr with my lack of knowledge. Jazakumu Allah.



Do not confuse the two. Istikharah is done when you are uncertain about a decision between two or more options that require guidance. Seeking permission for travel (especially over long distances or over a long period of time), marriage and Hajj with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim or Shaykh Hisham concerns your intent and conscious action requiring full commitment and perseverance. This is where they shall give advice,
counsel and prayer for you that make it blessed and meaningful.

Abdul Shakur

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