Doing zikar and being woken from zikar with unexplaining sounds


I try to do Allah hu zikar sitting up position with eyes closed yesterday i got disturbed felt as all floor was shaking i got up and looked around nothing at all. Couple days before again i was doing Allah hu zikar and i got disturbed with loud Knocking.




When we sit for zikr and meditation various things can happen. Some angelic, some from shayateen.  The main issue is to stay steadfast and consistent with zikr and learn the states of your heart with Allah’s remembrance and contemplation.  If light is in the heart Shaytan becomes weaker. If you stay with zikr and connection to AwliyaAllah and Prophet saws, inshallah you will receive ilm al yaqeen knowledge of certainty, leading you to the eye of certainty and the truth of certainty.

Wa Allahu Alam

Kamau Ayyubi

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