Blowing on water


If I wanted to read al-Fatihah for a sick person and recite it over bottled water for them to drink, can I blow into the bottle after reciting into the water? I have seen this done many times. I also read in the book “Medicines of the Prophet (saw)” that our Prophet (saw) told people not to blow over their food or drinking cups? I assume then it’s ok to do if reciting a prayer?


Salam alaykum,

Blowing over food or water is advised against if done for other than
asking blessing through a recitation. The reason is that people might
communicate an undesirable spiritual state otherwise. Hence especially
during seclusion (khalwa) a murid is instructed not only to have their
food prepared by a person in a good spiritual state and with wudu‘, but
also – and even then – for that person NOT to blow over the food they
bring to the one in khalwa.

On the other hand when reading Fatiha and other duas over water it is
allowed or recommended for a person who is thought to be pious to blow
over it. The Prophet (upon him blessings and peace) would recite the
last three Suras when sick then blow over his hands and pass them on his
body. If too weak, our Mother A’isha (Allah be well-pleased with her)
would recite, blow onto his hand, and pass his own hand over his own
body “to ensure obtainment of his hand’s blessing” (raja’a barakatiha)
in her own words (Sahih Muslim).

Taher Siddiqui

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