Missing 1200 nafl


I made a promise to Allah that I will read 300 nafls if I commit this sin again and now the figure is 1200 is there anyway I can repay my oath or promise without having to do the nafl. As it will be hard to repeat all the nafl Jazakalllah.


As-Salamu ‘Alaikum,

God will not take you to task for oaths which you may have uttered without thought, but He will take you to task for oaths which you have sworn in earnest. Thus, the breaking of an oath must be atoned for by feeding ten needy persons with more or less the same food as you are wont to give to your own families, or by clothing them, or by freeing a human being from bondage; and he who has not the wherewithal shall fast for three days [instead]. This shall be the atonement for your oaths whenever you have sworn [and broken them]. But be mindful of your oaths!’ Thus God makes clear unto you His messages, so that you might have cause to be grateful.  [al-Maa’idah 5:89]

It is enough to offer one expiation for all repeated transgressions, if the oaths were regarding the same action as it appears in your question.

Dr. Senad Agic, Imam
SABAH – Chicago
9920 Grand Ave
Franklin Park, IL 60131

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