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Aslam o alaikum
In Hanafi madhab

1.Do females have to put their elbows on floor while in sajdah or not?

2.Do females have to keep their feet in standing position in back like males or keep them towards their right side during sajdah?


As-Salamu ‘Alaikum,

The Salah of a woman will be in the same manners as for men with the following exceptions:

1. When commencing the salah the hand will be raised up to the shoulders.

2. The right palm will be placed on top of the back of the left hand beneath the chest.

3. When going to ruku’ the back will not be completely straightened, rather the person will slightly lean forward so that the hands can reach the knee.

4. The fingers will be closed (not left wide open) in ruku’.

5. The limbs will be kept close to the body during the ruku’ and sajdah (whereas men will spread their limbs).

6. In sajdah the forearms will be placed on the ground (whilst the men will keep them lifted).

7. In the sitting position, the women will sit on their buttocks whilst both legs will be placed on the right side.

(Raddul Muhtar, Volume 2, Page 211. Darul Kutubul Ilmiyyah)

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