Salwat Nariyah


1) Do we really need to be a student of the Shaykh to read Salawat Nariyah? Will the effect of the salawat be less if I am not a student of the Shaykh?

2) I read it 11 times after the Isha prayer- is this the correct way to read it to attain maximum benefits?

3) While I have read about it’s benefits, I will appreciate it if you can – based on your knowledge tell me and everyone who is reading this about the significance of this salawat and benefits.


You do not need to be a student but blessings increase through followership. Maximum benefits are attained through regularity and sincerity. Salawat will make you deserving of intercession and will increase the light in your heart and your life as well as in your grave.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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