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I always feel under a lot of pressure and stress whether it is family or work related, what should I recite and also there are many darood shareefs a person can recite… Continue reading

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“Peaceful feeling”

Dear Shaykh,
I come from a Hindu background. I reverted to Islam a few years ago. My parents still follow the essentials of Hinduism and visit temples. Recently I visited a temple with my parents out of respect and tolerance. When I walked around and looked at each idol.. A feeling of peace creeped all over my body. At the mosque I go to near my college, I have never felt this kind of peace at the jummah khutbah or prayer. I have only felt this kind of peace at a tiny Bengali mosque I prayed at in NYC. Why did this happen shaykh? Why can I not feel the peace in my heart at the place of worship of my religion? Continue reading

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