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What did Rasul’Allah wear?

I want to follow the Sunnah in every aspect and I was really wondering what did the Prophet Muhammad SAW wear? What is the actual sunnah clothing? Continue reading

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Naqshbandi Clothing

I’m looking for Naqshbandi clothing and have asked around but didn’t find anything. Is there a website… Continue reading

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Dream: MSN Putting Turban on my head

I dreamt Maulana Sheikh Nazim putting his turban on my head. I was in my city… Continue reading

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Do I marry him or not?

I live in Singapore and the man that I wish to marry is from a different Tariqa (qadriyya-chistiyya). He is strong in his faith for Islam. However he wears a jubbah everywhere he goes because it is a ruling of his tariqah to do so… Continue reading

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