Awliya or Jinn


During the blessed night of Shabh e Barat (I believe Wallahu alim) I was doing my daily night prayers. After one of my prayers I decided to have a break. While looking outside into my garden I saw this figure which was dressed in black cloth. A very large figure. It was sitting down and it was covered I could not see its face due to the darkness. It was wearing dark clothes and was reading a book which had light coming out of it. I always thought it was a jinn but was never sure as to until I saw a post on this website which a person has a similar experience to me. I was just wondering what this experience meant and what it was.


Walaikumas salam Wa Rahmatullahi
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Insha Allah it means you are under the protection of Sayyidina Imam Mehdi (alaihis salam). Increase recitation of darood shareef (salawat alan Nabi) and pray two rakat of Nafl everyday to be thankful to Allah subhanahu T’ala for that vision that was granted to you on a blessed night. Masha Allah you are lucky. In general the color black in a dream means prosperity and happiness.

Syed Shahzaman

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