Dream: Passing urine/flying


Bursting to pass urine..i find this squat style toilet, the lock doesn’t work.Im so desperate i use it.Crouching down, in walks this women looking at me… cant you get out i say… nope whats the problem she says….
Suddenly im at the side of this old style building, i look up and reach up taking hold. I start to climb up the building, no effort at all, i feel so light as if im flying. At the top i can see a drain i can pull myself into.I sit looking at the other buildings. ive been up on this building in other dreams, it seems i know the view well… i feel so content..


Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Rahim
Allahuma Salli `ala Muhammad

As-Salamu `Alaykum,

Shayateen are attracted to what’s unclean and they try to distract you from you removing what’s harmful to you. Because you are a believer they will constantly approach you in vulnerable situations. Flying to another place you’ re familiar with indicates that you are moving from what is harmful to what’s good. And this building indicates your Shaykh is the structure you find solace with from every evil because their associations, the Shaykhs, are a safe haven.

And Allah knows best.

Sallu `Alaihi!

Ismaeel Dhul-Qarnayn

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