Shaykh Gibril Haddad Kindly Clarify


Asalamu Alaykum my Shaykh,

Recently in an answer to a brother you wrote and I quote “When a man has intercourse with his wife and does not name [Allah], the jinn coils around his urethra and has intercourse along with him. That is the meaning of the saying of the Most High: {whom neither man nor jinn has touched before them} (55:56) [cf. also al-Baghawi in his tafsir under that verse].”

My Shaykh kindly clarify what is suggested by naming Allah whilst having intercourse with wife? how should one name Allah before or during he has intercourse with his wife to be certain that neither Shaytan nor Jinn come near him whilst one is with the beloved.

May Allah reward you with his bounty that lacks nothing.
Asalmau Aleikum


Alaykum as-Salam,

Say beforehand:

Allahumma jannibna al-shaytan wa-jannibhu ma razaqtana” (Bukhari and Muslim from Ibn `Abbas)

اللهم جَنِّبْنَا الشَّيطَانَ وَجَنِّبْهُ مَا رَزَقْتَنَا

which means “O Allah keep shaytan away from us and keep it away from what you bestow on us.” If already in bed then say it without moving one’s lips.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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