Is it possible that it could be past of someone’s destiny to be always alone, my abiding memory of my life is being alone, from when I was very young before I started school and beyond. I believe this has given me something called “Emotional Deprivation Disorder as I have all the symptoms. Which is caused by a lack of unconditional love in early life and sounds very much like my childhood, I’ve never been able to make any kind of bond with another human being in my entire life. I struggle to understand why this happened to me and why I should believe in a god that would let this happen to me.


Remembrance or dhikr of Allah is the best approach and remedy to our ills. It clears our vision and lays bare our needs. Only Allah gives unconditional love and its full reflection is not found in biological or marital connections but in affiliation to the Seal of Prophets and the friends of Allah. Seek their world and you will find fulfillment and understanding insha-Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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