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Assalamualaikum Ya Sayyidi,

Can I get some sort of guidance related to my career? I am a second year engineering student and I am deciding to quit it. Actually I am really confused whether to continue with eng or do BA through distance education, as here in my hostel I am the only Muslim girl so I am not getting enough alone time for prayers and zikr as after every while someone comes to my room and as they are all non-Muslim so they don’t understand what I am up to. On top of that here the temperature goes to extreme i.e around 48 deg Celsius and I belong to a cold region so it’s affecting my health as well. Neither um able to study nor do any religious practice. Also I am far away from my family and my parents are a bit aged so I always get anxious about them. On the other hand if I pursue BA through distance education I will be at home all day long as I don’t have to go to college so I can easily utilise my time for hereafter and worldly goals.  So can you please get an istikhara done for me so that I can know what is good for me and what is not.
wa ‘alaykum salam,
I recommend pursuing the BA through online distance education, which has become quite commonplace and accepted. Then, as you so astutely observed, you will have time for more spiritual practice, you’ll be home with your parents and you’ll be away from non-Muslim influence.
Taher Siddiqui
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