Male doctor to operate on me


My dear salam to Sheikh Nazim, Sheikh Hisham. I’ve been suffering from gallstones in my gall bladder and diagnosed with a lump in my left breast which is fibroidenoma. They’re wanting to do an operation on the 9th sept 2011 for both. I’ve tried to find a lady doctor to do operation but there’s no lady doctor, they’re all men. My consultant is a Muslim male docter. I dont feel comfortable to be having my operation by a male doctor, its parda its a sharam gha. Since I’ve been studying Sufism I like to do parda & having an opertaion by a male doctor of the breast I don’t feel comfortable. I need your advice? I have this strong feeling not to have the operation. As I’m a weak servant and a learner I would like to ask the guidance from the Sheikhs please. Could you email me ASAP!


wa `alaykum salam,

The Law permits you to be operated upon even in such circumstances, and Allah Most High will compensate you for what you endure for His sake in surrender to His Decree. Recite everyday 100 times RabbiyAllah HasbiyAllah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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