Period: Minimum days of always applicable?


I have bit of irregular period ……day 1 (first day of period) usually between 23 and 27 days apart. Normally 6 or 7 days bleeding. Sometimes up to ten. My 12th day of purity is today but last night it came on. I’m pretty sure it’s my period because I started taking evening primrose oil this month which affects hormones. Blood is also period-like. I wasn’t “meant” to be on until next week but like I said, period irregular!
My worry is that iI’ve only had 10 days of purity. 11th day was yesterday …I did Isha prayer then realised I had come on.  So today would be twelvth day of purity but there’s blood. I’m pretty certain it’s going to be my period but do I do prayer until I have completed 15 days of purity??


Since you are sure, treat it as a period even if it came exceptionally early.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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