Uncontrollable thinking and emotions


Assalamu-alaikum wrwb,

I’m a young female having a problem regarding a guy I was involved with 3 years ago. We both liked each other but I never admitted to him.We never formed a relationship because I never wanted to do wrong. I was unsure about his intentions i.e. if he wanted me as girlfriend, or genuinely liked me. He caused me a lot of hurt, which I never expressed to him either.

For quite awhile now, during my menses I suddenly keep thinking about him, sometimes hoping for a future with him, but mostly I just waste my time trying to figure out if he genuinely liked me. He may not even be a good person for me to marry, but then I don’t know the type of person he is anymore.

I need to stop this! Why does this happen? Is it because of hormone changes? Anything I can read?



wa `alaykum salam,

Stop seeing this person, or let him come and ask your parents to marry you. Three years have passed already. Don’t waste more time on him. Yes, it is hormonal to think about him during your menses.

Hajjah Naziha Adil

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