order in the zikr


Assalam u alayekum sheikh hisham !
I want to ask that whether it is necessary to keep the order of award same as mentioned through out or is it necessary to keep the order only up to ihda.?i.e can one recite 1500 times Allah and salawaat before the rest part of award (From shahaada to fatiha (i) yet keeping the order of award from shahaada to fatiha same as mentioned. ) or does he have to follow through
shahaada,fatiha(i),then recitation of Allah,Salawaat,sura ikhlas.?
shukran ya syyedi.


Shaykh Hisham answered previously that you may keep the tartib, sequence of recitation, by starting after Maghrib, as the beginning of the Islamic day with Shahada up to the Ihda and then continue the remainder of the awrad in the morning, Allah Allah and salawat, Ikhlas and so forth. Obviously, if you absolutely cannot keep the order, then do it in any order that enables you to complete the awrad, as completing it is more important than the order.

Taher Siddiqui

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