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Permission for dua saifi

I want permission to recite dua saifi Continue reading

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Zakat al-Mal on 401K or IRA?

Does one pay Zakat al-Mal on the money invested in a retirement 401K or IRA? Continue reading

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6x Divorce

I want to ask i a man tell to her wife in anger between an argument Continue reading

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Is glycerin haraam?

Recently I found that glycerin is usually made from animal fat. Continue reading

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Black Magic & Problems conceiving

My husband and I have two daughters and have been trying for our third child for two years now but I am unable to conceive. Continue reading

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Meet with Sheikh Hisham?

How Can i meet with Sheikh Hisham? Continue reading

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Spiritual Effects of Sins

do sins effect the spirituality of a being? Is one’s soul permanently corrupted? Continue reading

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wearing gemstones haram?

Please can you answer is it haram to wear gem stones/crystals (for example, ruby, graphite, feroza, etc ) for protection of evil and to remove any negative energies? Continue reading

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Joining the Sufi Order?

how do i join youre sufi order? Continue reading

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New initiate

I have met with Shaykh Hisham in Feltham UK and took bayah became muried, there was a lot of people and the Shaykh could not waste time on me, but I am still in need for answers like how and what should i do to make connections with him ? Continue reading

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