Assalam O `Aliakum!
can any body see Allah Pak in this world? if yes then how? how one can reach spiritual gatherings of Prophet Muhammad (s)?


`Alaykum assalam

Allah commanded us to be with the Sadiqin and to invoke blessings on His Beloved (s) and follow him. Sayyidina Musa upon him peace, asked to see Allah Most High but He said no and manifested Himself to the mountain which shattered, as vision in this world is reserved for His Habib alone, Sayyidina Muhammad upon him blessings and peace. His heart carried the Qur’an which even mountains could not carry. So we make abundant blessings and salutations on the Prophet so we can be with him and hereafter including in his Isra’ and Mi’raj insha-Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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