Creed of Imam Mahdi and Shia Imams


Asslaamu alaykum Dear Eshaykh Staff. May Allah Keep you prosperous

When [name deleted] quoted Mawlana out of context and interrupted him, not letting him answer in the other, did he not worry that this is very bad?
Also, when Mawlana is quoted as saying that “Imam Mahdi will not follow any madhhab“, does this not just mean in FIQH, since the creed of Ahlus Sunnah is pure, why would there be a need to change it? The Imam will do new Fiqhi ijtihad, not Aqida yes?

Also, the aformentioned Shaykh likes to make it seem like Sunnis and ‘Shias’ (who caused civil unrest and ‘wars’ among Sahaba) will be together with the Imam, how is that fair?

He also calls the Illustrious 11 Imams as ‘Shia’ Imams, but they are not shias imams, yes? Please clarify for us these things dear shuyukh, Allah Blesses you!


Alaykum salam,

They are all our leaders in the religion which is the meaning of imam, and Imam Mahdi will be a mujtahid mutlaq, meaning, he will be bringing new understanding and new answers not just in the rulings of fiqh but also in the understanding of Qur’an, the Divine Names and Attributes, the greatness of the Holy Prophet (saws) and the status of every believer in this honored Ummah. Therefore, we keep adab and forbear with goodness wherever differences arise. All who said La ilaha illallah Muhammadun Rasulullah are bound for Paradise.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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