What are the differences between Buddhism and Islam, as my Buddhist friend likes Islam, and thinks it the right religion, but calls Buddhism a way of life, and so he thinks he can be a Buddhist at the same time? Please explain why this is impossible. JZK.



Buddhism helps people to understand the inner self or nafs and gives guidelines for righteous living but does not emphasize worshiping God, rather liberation from suffering. Sufism and Islam help you understand the inner self and the relationship to Allah and the realities of the unseen such as The Light of Muhammad, the angelic world and other manifestations of Allah’s beautiful names and attributes.
As for how your friend identifies as Buddhist or Muslim, it is not in our hands but it is Allah who guides.  Buddhism is an older tradition of spiritual practices and principles but all humans of this age are part of the Ummah of Muhammad saws whether they are aware of it or not.
Accompany your friend with kindness and good manners. Trust Allah to guide you and His creation.
Wa Allahu alam, 
Kamau Ayubbi

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