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I have found on your website that a Shaykh said it is okay to practice reiki as long as it is compliant with the Sharia. Could you please elaborate? Especially on the use of symbols.


Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah!

Everything is halal except what is explicitly forbidden. In looking up the Reiki symbols online there are meanings such as invocation of ‘Universal Energy’, ‘The earth and sky meet’, ‘Timelessness’, and ‘Bright shining light’. We also hear of titles such as ‘Reiki Master’ transmitted from person to person doing this practice.

Is it within reason that the principles of Reiki are free of idolatry or principles that harm the body mind and soul? If so, then proceed. If doubt continues then perhaps there are other means of healing that are more fitting for your faith and and spiritual journey. In other words some practices are not explicitly haram, but the adab (manners and implications) of receiving energetic transmission, invoking symbols and letters are preferred to people connected directly to the Light of Muhammad through chains of transmission that include Quranic healing, special zikrs and meditations that fill you with the light of Yaqeen, certainty in body, heart and soul promoting tranquility and beautification of the soul and it’s characteristics.

Our grandshaykhs taught that we must learn to weigh issues on our hearts and conscience and act accordingly under the tranquil shade of Prophetic Hadith:

“Leave what makes you doubt for what does not make you doubt. Verily, truth brings peace of mind and falsehood sows doubt.”

Wa Allahu Alam,

Kamau Ayubbi

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