Importance of dreams in Tariqah


I read an article on your Nurmuhammad website that more important than what the true dreams, ilham, muajizat, etc. is what the sheikh teaches and steadfastness to the true way. Is that true? I read else where on eShaykh that such things are only what the awliya sent the beginners as “candies”.

I ask because I have bad dreams or even dreams against the sheikhs of this tariqa. They are confusing me and someone wrongly interpreted my dreams so I would just like to stop that and just believe in the sohbets and teachings on Mawlana Sheikh Nazim and Sheikh Hisham.

Is that going to be sinful?


What you read at and eShaykh are correct. Dreams showing you something wrong in the Shaykhs are actually a reflection of your state, as they are perfect mirrors. Believe in their teachings and suhbats and hold fast to what they teach, you will succeed, in-sha-Allah. Avoid doubters and haters.

Taher Siddiqui

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