My Ahmadi Neighbor


I am an [private] and have been living with my Ahmadi neighbor for decades. In Indonesia, Ahmadis are minority and they have been subjects of persecution especially within the last few years. There are Ahmadis killed because of such persecution. I have been living peacefully with my Ahmadi neighbor for a long period of time; however, recently, when the persecution becomes pervasive, I feel that my neighbor becomes more and more worried about his safety. I have read a number of answers regarding Ahmadiyya in this website, but those answers seem to condone such persecution (I’m very sorry if I misunderstood them). I just need a clear answer about how my attitude toward my neighbor should be. I have been living peacefully with him and I want to continue living peacefully with him.


Which answers condone persecution?

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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