Praying behind a Wahabi revisited


I am sorry to be a trouble but my heart is not content with the query I asked you. Remember I asked you if a person disrespects the Prophet (s) how can we pray behind him? You had told me that how do we know if he disrespected. I came across a query on eShaykh which specifically lists that the Wahabi Imam disrespects the Prophet (s) but he has been redirected to another question which states that it is allowed. The URL in question is:

Could you please check on this? I understood your clarification the other day but I want to know if the response given to the questioner above was accurate since my heart does not allow me to accept it.

Jazak Allah.


In particular, this questioner states:

Can you shed some light on praying behind a Wahabi who disrespects Nabi e karim Swallallahou Alaiyhi wassalam.The Wahabi doesn’t believe in hazir nazir etc…

Not believing in Hazir-Nazir is not necessarily disrespect. It might just be the way that imam was trained.

For example you told me Jazak-Allah. When you don’t add “al-khayr” at the end this means “may Allah punish as you deserve”. This is a mistake in training but your intention was undoubtedly good.

Shaykh Hisham writes, in the Encylopedia of Islamic Doctrine:

…it is known that Ibn `Umar prayed behind al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf al-Thaqafi, who was a tyrant and shed the blood of the innocent. It is also known that Ibn `Umar prayed behind the People of Innovation such as the Khawarij. He used to say, “Salat is an excellent deed (hasana), and I don’t care who takes part in it with me,” and “whoever says, Hayya `ala al-Salat, I respond to him [with yes].” [This is related in Sunan al-Bayhaqi (3:121), al-Mughni (2:186-187) and elsewhere]…

I hope this clarifies this issue.

Taher Siddiqui

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