Re: Denial of Mi`raj not kufr?


assalam alaykum Shaykh Gibril,
In your previous reply you wrote: “As for Mi`raj, yes, it is mentioned in many hadiths that have been said to reach the level of mass transmission, but it does not reach the level of absolute binding certitude required for the verdict of kufr against one who denies it.” Can you please elaborate on this as I was under the impression that something reaches the “level of mass transmission” gives us knowledge that is certain? So I’m confused why it doesn’t reach the “level of absolute binding certitude”. Can you please define what is the “level of absolute binding certitude”? barakAllahu feekum ya shaykh!

`Alaykum as-Salam,

Those hadiths “have been said” to reach mass transmission, meaning some scholars said they do, others said they don’t. This disagreement may stem from their using different criteria. In any case, when there is such disagreement it is not possible to put the issue on the same level of certainty as when there is not the shadow of a doubt. This does not mean the issue is not strong and important. We should leave these distinctions to the scholars. As far as we are concerned, in practical terms, belief in Mi`raj is required of every Muslim otherwise they endanger their faith.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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