Salaam Alaiykum to all Shaykhs, I pray that you are all in good health InshAllah ameen,

My question is what does is mean when one sneezes?
I dont know if this is true but i heard when you sneeze it either means your grave is thinking about you, someone is talking ill of you or someone misses you??


Wa `alaykum salam,

All of them are wrong. Allah(swt) made sneezing to say alhamdulillah , to remember Allah(swt), and say alhamdulillah in a loud voice. The Prophet (s) said that is a remembrance to you from Allah(swt).  So, sneezing is very important because you say hamd, glory to Allah(swt) and the one who hears you says yarhamakullah asking Allah’s mercy on you. Then the reply is yarhamanee wa yarhamakumullah is mercy from Allah and mercy to the one who sneezed and the one who heard, and a glory at the beginning when you remember Allah(swt), and so people like to remember Allah so they say this.

For the grave to remember you, yes, the grave is your final destination and may Allah make your grave rawdatan min riyad al-jannah wa `afuw annah fatiah.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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