Technology and Dajjal


I. It seems that the Dajjal is coming after Syedna Mahdi Alayhissalam’s takbir which stops all technology. Is the Dajjal’s donkey not included in the technology that is thus affected?

II. How will all the Muslims and their families fit in Shaam? Will there be so few Muslims left?

III. Since I heard that food is going to be scarce and dhikrullah will be enough to fill us inaakhiruz-zaman I have become very greedy for food. At each meal I say to myself I will follow the sunnah of Prophet (saw) at this mean and get up hungry. I feel very hungry and eat a lot of food and I still feel hungry when I get up. Can you please suggest something to help me deal with these nafs attacks.

IV. What about babies and children will dhikrullah be enough for them?

V. How best to explain and prepare children between eight and twelve for and during the last days.


1. “Technology” here infers modern electrical/electronic mechanisms and devices, not traditional mechanics like a push-cart or wheelbarrow. Mawlana Shaykh Hisham’s explanation, “We may possibly infer then that the Dajjāl’s precursors of this time will use airplanes for their evil work as described clearly in hadith of the Prophet (s)” alludes to the apparent signs to us at present. How this donkey of his’ shall eventually look like and function remains to be seen.

It is important to note that while THE Dajjal in person will appear, our Prophet (s.a.w.) also told us there will be 30 smaller Dajjals who shall precede him each claiming to be a messenger, and “Dajjal” meaning liar also alludes to a worldwide force of falsehood by means of social, cultural, political, economic phenomena.

May Allah Almighty protects us all from Dajjal and his mechanisms!

2. In a Suhbah by Mawlana Shaykh Hisham many years ago, he mentioned that Imam al-Mahdi (a.s.) shall order the Jinns “to create a new city, from beginning till the end” in Sham, so that every believer and his family shall have a dwelling there, to be protected from the wars and tyranny at that time. Alhamdulillah! May Allah honour us with that dwelling!

3. Dhikr as substitute for food is for that time. To combat greed now is fasting and giving sadaqah, and someone to control you from eating too much. May Allah keeps us satisfied with little!

4 & 5. Keep them well-guarded and protect them from harm, but as we’ve advised earlier, not to cause panic and suspicion. Be cool about it in the eyes of others, however having full awareness of it in your heart. There is too much fitnah nowadays to leave our children unguarded in the hands of our schools, media and entertainers.

May Allah protects our families and keeps us under His domes!

Abdul Shakur

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