Ziyarat al Qubur, Ziyarat al Salihin, Ziyarat al Anbiya


Asalam Alaikum,

The Wahhabis claim Ziyarat is the same as the Christian cult of Saints and also what our Prophet (S) warned against. But what is the truth of the matter?


see ‘VISITATION OF THE GRAVES BY WOMEN‘ as as-Sunnah Foundation of America.

and ‘Traveling to visit the grave of the pious, friends of Allah, dedicating the reward of vows to them and commemorating them‘ at the website of the Egyptian Ministry of Religious Affairs. Here is an excerpt from the ruling of permissibility:

It is permissible to visit graves according to the imams of the four schools of jurisprudence. There is a scholarly consensus that it is recommended for men, though only Hanafi scholars maintain its recommendation for women; other scholars deem it permissible but disliked due to their lack of emotional strength and patience. The premise for the recommendation of visiting graves is the hadith of the Prophet [pbuh] who said: “I had formerly prohibited you from visiting graves. But now visit them as they are a reminder of the Hereafter” [Muslim].


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