Dream: 2 Disturbing dreams; may be connected?


Dear Shaykh, Salams,

Dream 1: I see myself in my enemies’ house, in a bedroom & a Western doctor is having sexual intercourse with me. In the distance is my mother’s deceased mother watching us.
Dream 2: I see a young attractive man in brown clothes. There are many young boys, aged 6/7, in white clothes. One boy is sitting in an elevated position, on left, picking his nose & has nose mucus on his finger. In the corner of the dream, on left there is my enemy, some red colour and bars of soap, on a string. I believe I have eliminated/killed my enemy and she goes further to the left & out of the dream.
Dear Shaykh, I fear Allah SWT regarding fornincation but feel that in life some such bad thing is going to happen to me.
Please could you interpret these dreams and give any more guidance? Humbly yours from UK.


Salam `alaykum,
A physician in a dream signifies a person of learning who heals you, and the
bedroom signifies either travel or marriage. Insha-Allah you will have
power over Shaytan and rizq will come to you. Always seek righteous
company and try to benefit from the suhbas of our masters online or

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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