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Problems in Life

As Salam Alaikum Mawlana. I am in problem. Mother who was murida passed from cancer. I live in a city which is very bad for me and no relations or zikr group. Continue reading

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Dua of aytul Kursi

I know previous people have made a complaint that the dua of aytul kursi has errors in them. When you listen to the recitation on sufi live and the pdf format.Their is 1 line missing from the pdf format… Continue reading

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Dogs in Islam

Why is it not allowed to have a pet dog in home if it is kept clean and hyginic
,if all the precautions are taken with respect to the cleanliness of the dog is it still prohibited if yes why,please explain… Continue reading

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Rabita Shareef

Is it true, if I inshAllah attain annihilation in Mawlana Q.S., I’ll cease to be sinful and whispers of Shaytan shall have no effect on me? Continue reading

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Connection to Sheikh Nazim

I am a female who recently took online bayat with Sheikh Nazim. However, I do not feel starting of any spiritual connection with Mawlana, and this disturbs me. Continue reading

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Dream: Kun-Faya-kun

Years ago in my dream I was told that that I could achieve anything if I invoke “KUN-FAYAKUN”. Previously, I had known “KUN-FAYAKUN” only in sura Yasin… Continue reading

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Hajj Al-Akbar in 2012?

Hajj this year seems to be falling on November 7th. However, next year in 2012 10 Zul Hajj is falling on October 26th which is a Friday! Could it be that Imam Mahdi (AS) would be appearing next year instead,,, Continue reading

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InshAllah with your blessings i have made intention for the 10 day khalwa to discipline and control myself, i was wondering if any member of the Eshaykh staff could advise us on how we should eat and drink during these 10 days… Continue reading

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About Sainthood (or the Wilayah)

I wished to know about the Wilayah in every detail. Continue reading

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Swimming for females

I’m living in Europe and there is little opportunity for females to swim in a pool without males and male staff in the pool. When there are such opportunities, they mostly are in the nighttime round 9pm… Continue reading

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