Dua of aytul Kursi



I know previous people have made a complaint that the dua of aytul kursi has errors in them.
When you listen to the recitation on sufi live and the pdf format.
Their is 1 line missing from the pdf format.
If 1 line is missing then will it still work
Even if the angels correct the mistakes.
Their is 1 line missing so it should be corrected.
I dont know if i should follow the sufi live or the pdf.


wa `alaykum salam,

The Prophet (s) said, “Inama ‘l-`amalu bin-niyyat. Every action is by intention.” Yes, angels will correct the recitation, even of Holy Qur’an, and according to Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, from Grandshaykh `Abdullah al-Fa’iz ad-Daghestani (q) that even if someone makes seven mistakes in reciting al-Fatiha, the angels will correct it, and Allah knows best.

Here is an excerpt from that suhbat dated 29 January 2002:

One of these realities that we are briefly discussing today is that God has created a special kind of angels.  How many there are? You cannot count them, they are infinite in number, no one knows their number except their Creator.  Their praising, their dhikr is by only one word that God gave them to say.  He gave them a specific name, the Angels of Answering.

God said to Prophet (s),

“I gave you something that I did not give any prophets before you, which no other prophet could carry.  I gave it you, especially for you.”  When I said, ‘La ilaha illa ‘Llah and Muhammad Rasulallah’—from that time until now “Muhammad Rasulallah” (s) is following La ilaha illa ‘Llah.  Even before I decided to give you the Holy Quran, my ancient holy words, I created these angels for Holy Quran.  When the Quran comes to you and you reveal it to people who then read it, these angels come and repeat “Amin” after every letter.  As soon as the person opens the Quran and says “Alif[1] the angels say “Amin” (“God accept”).  If you say, ”Amin, “ they say, ”Amin.” If you say “dhalikal kitab…[2] , they say, “Amin, Amin, Amin….”

On every letter of Holy Quran I have created different angels for different people who are reading—in every moment a new angel is created whose only job is to say, ”Amin.”  For every person who reads Holy Quran, these angels say “Amin” for every letter, causing that person to be dipped into that letter’s ocean of knowledge; God opens the knowledge for the heart of that servant without his knowing.  So for instance if the reader reads Suratu ‘l-Fatiha, then for every letter (139 letters, if you include the Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem at the beginning) God opens an ocean of knowledge.

From one person to another, the meaning changes and with the meaning also changes that light, that knowledge of each letter in (for example) Suratu ‘l-Fatiha.  Each ocean of knowledge that appears from the letters of Holy Quran alters the oceans of knowledge that appeared from the previous letters.  The light from each letter that they say “Amin” for will appear for the person on the Day of Judgment.  If a person is trying his best to read Holy Quran and makes 9 mistakes out of 10, with only one word correct, then God sends these angels and makes them recite the Quran correctly, so that He can disburse the rewards given to the servant who reads it correctly—thus He rewards the servant and opens that knowledge for his heart.

God sends them, and they descend on every person that recites the Holy Quran until he completes his reading.  When someone completes the Holy Quran from beginning to end, He sends 72,000 angels.  When that servant finishes reading, God will accept his supplication, even if he made mistakes—still these 72,000 angels correct the mistakes and say, “Amin.”  Even if he makes 9 mistakes out of 10 God sends those 72,000 angels to correct.

There is a hadith of Prophet (s) “My community is going to separate into 70 or more different divisions;” scholars say the hadith means 73 divisions, with one safe.  72 of the divisions are not safe.

Prophet (s) in another hadith said, ”The whole Muslim community is like one body.”  These two hadith in combination mean that the structure of a body and form is going to divide itself into 73 divisions, 72 of which obey bad desires, while one side is saying “Be good, be good, be good.”

Even every self is going to divide.

That is why when you recite Quran, God sends 72,000 angels to say, “Amin” to correct the other 72 ways that are going astray.  For every one of the bad desires, God sends 1,000 angels.  That is why the total number of angels coming to help you equals 72,000.

They say, “Amin,” God accepts because these angels are saying “Amin.”  That is why they are called the Angels of Answering.

It is very important to make supplication at the end of the Quran because God has sent it to His Prophet (s) to make His Prophet (s) great.  The greatness of the Holy Quran is shown when these angels come to make supplication.

Grandshaykh says the bodies of these angels are soft and subtle, not like ours.  God makes His angels great.  Their form is so subtle that 700,000 can stand in the place of a finger and yet there is room for all of them to stand there.  God makes them very tall because like muezzin, on the Judgment Day they call adhan.  They say Amin, higher than any person does on the Judgment Day.  From their height they have a vista of 50 years (‘journey? Light years?).  With that height they are saying Amin and reciting responses for the person who is reciting.

Taher Siddiqui

[1] The first letter of the Arabic alphabet and also the first “word” of Qur`an after Suratul Fatiha, in a verse comprised of three Arabic letters.  (2:1)  The entire verse is “Alif Lam Mim.

[2]This is the book…”  (2:2).  The entire verse is:  “This is the Book:  in it is guidance, without doubt, for those who fear Allah.”

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