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Night time

I have got a question dear brothers, it says that some ibada’s are best done night, some my question is, when does that time begin… Continue reading

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Earning Income

I work as a taxi driver so does picking up people too and from pubs & clubs, does this come under haram income? Is it permissible to work & earn a living like this in the evening work if daytime work is not so busy?… Continue reading

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Can you help my 1st born??

We are both Pakistani families but our parents still do not speak. Its been 2 years since my marriage. Continue reading

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Swimming for females

I’m living in Europe and there is little opportunity for females to swim in a pool without males and male staff in the pool. When there are such opportunities, they mostly are in the nighttime round 9pm… Continue reading

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New Islamic year’s instructions

Question: as-salamu alaykum ya sayyidi. we love u very much and have no words to thank u for ur endless efforts and guidance.. my question is related to a recent email that we recieved about Mawlana Shaykh Nazim’s instructions for … Continue reading

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