Dream: Allah SWT and gift


Asalamalaikum Shakyh :). Thank you for helping and answering my dream. I just had a long dream and at the end of my dream, I hear Allah SWT told me that Allah SWT is happy about my first trial and gift me a very big blue diamond. Then Allah is laughing very hard in my heart about my first trial that I’m asking Allah to stop because I’m afraid because He’s God. I’m confused and afraid. Then I saw myself sleeping in bed and Allah is sending me Bismillahirohmanirhim like a pipe of power through my forehead and engulfing my whole body. I cannot read Arabic but I saw there was an Arabic writing. Please help me interpret the dream so that I’m not misguided and pray for me so that I can be a good Muslim and be a good Mawlana Nazim follower.


wa `alaykum salam,

Good tidings to you; being addressed by the Divine Presence is a purification and blessing for you. Allah is happy with you, and His “Laughing” represents Divine Mercy, so continue with your striving to please Him.

Ali Elsayed

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