Dream: Black Abaya


Aslam o alaikum,
Mujhy khwab aya k do aurtien muj se milne ati hain jinho ne black abaya pehna hota ha or naqaab b kiya hota ha. Wo muje kehti hain k ap jaisi lrki se hum aj tk nahi mile humien bohat khushi hui ha ap se mil k. Phr wo mere galey lagti hain or aik kaghaz pkra jr chali jati hain. Us kaghaz pr likha hota ha k ap bohat achi hai ap “YA GHANIYU, YA MUGHNIYO, YA ALEEMU ” parha krien..
Plz iski tabeer bta dein kya mje ye prhna chahiye??


I had dream that two women in black abaya & niqaab come to visit me and told me that you are nice woman and we never met a woman like you before, they hug me and give me  piece of paper in my hand, in that paper it is written that you are really nice, do recite Ya Ghani-o Ya Mughni-o and Ya Aleem-o

Please tell me the interpretation of my dream.


These women are the daughter of the Prophet (s), Sayyida Fatima az-Zahra (as) and the wife of the Prophet (s), Sayyida `Ayesha (r) coming to inform you you have a good character within, but need to polish yourself to bring it out, and Allah knows best.

Recite the wazifa they gave you daily and in-sha-Allah you will be raised to higher and higher stations and wealth of dunya and akhira.

Taher Siddiqui

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