Dream: chains on feet


A’udhu billâhi minachchaïtânir-rajîm


Assalâmu ‘alaykoum,

I’m a wife, I’m joined the tariqa 4 months ago. This night I dreamed that a man with a black turban tied my feet with chains on a ladder.

I was in the back of a truck covered by a curtain. There was a book I wanted to read. Men in turbans arrived. They took the book, they took me out of the van. One man with a black turban placed me on a scale and tied my feet with chains. I stood.
What does this mean ?


That is a gift from the men in black turbans, who are shaykhs of the tariqah, and the black turban means their war against your ego. They are weighing you in the Scale of Judgment Day and they are filling your book of records  with good deeds of the entire of Naqshbandi silsilah, represented by the chains, which was empty in order to present you in the presence of the Prophet (s) clean and full of good deeds and light on Judgment Day, insha-Allah.

W’Allahu `alam,

Taher Siddiqui

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