Dream: Changing shoes with fiance


Aslam o Alaykum wr wb Ya Shaykh!

I had a dream in fajar time that my fiance has come to my house with her mother. They are sitting in courtyard chatting with my family then they come in room. I am bare -footed looking for my shoes. I find my neat clean sandal under bed. When I look at her feet she is wearing old spotty sandal. I take off her sandal and put my sandal on her feet and put her sandal on my feet (these are casual soft sandals). She says her sandal was comfortable but I say leave it and wear this new one.
Shukran ya Shaykh.


wa `alaykum salam,

You have a new car (or business) that you want her to drive, but she still wants her old car. You want to help her and show her love by taking the old one and giving the new one.
And Allah knows best.

With salams,

Yassir Chadly

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