Dream: Conquering Lands


Salam u alaykum,
A very close friend of mine saw in a dream that he was walking towards a masjid and there was a lot of hustle and bustle in the way to the masjid and there were many people with beards etc. and were saying (probably in excited and exhilarated voices):”Today we conquered this land, and that land”. My friend, then enters the masjid and he sees the same condition and there is specifically a man sitting in some row, towards whom my friend goes. My friend says salam to him and kisses his hand. He told me that man too had a long beard (and he was attracted towards him, probably because of his jalaal). What does this dream indicate?


Walaikum Assalam,
InchaAllah his soul is attracted to people of faith and piety. Its a good sign of things to come.

Allah knows best.

Ali ElSayed

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