Crying in mosque



Today i had a dream in the morning. In general, I’ve noticed that every time I am in a mosque in my dream, I’m usually crying, or almost at a crying stage. Same thing happened today. I was in a grand mosque, somewhere in the Arab world, and praying in jamat. The recitation was beautiful and the imam recited Musa A.S. ki dua, rabbi shrah li sadri.. And it made me cry and immediately i thought that Allah has sent me this msg. As soon as I realized it in my dream, i awoke reciting it in my head.


Insha-Allah Awliyaullah are opening your hearts and removing veils, so that, to continue the verse, your words would be understood by the evil transgressor, meaning the nafs, and Allah would grant you the power to dethrone it from the Arsh (Throne) of your heart, through Mawlana’s intercession, and that is something great, and Allah knows best.

Taher Siddiqui

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