Dream: Cutting handy yaseen book



I had a dream that I was helping my mum get rid off some jinn that was in my house, and she was boiling a small pot of water in front of the house when she asked me to cut the handy yaseen book into half and put it into the boiling water. When I was done with it, I put the cut handy yaseen book into the boiling pot then I saw a smoke and the jinn in the smoke.

(I had this dream at approximately around 2.30 am – ish; or before). I was so afraid when I woke up.



wa `alaykum salam,

To take jinn out we use the same method you saw in the dream. The suras used are Surat al-Jinn, Surat ad-DukhanSurah Yasin, or Surat al-Waqi`a and it will be written using saffron ink and put in water. The possessed one will drink it. What they showed you in dream is true. They mentioned the Surat YaSin, however it must be written by saffron not by ink. The normal ink they use today has urea in it, so it is not acceptable.

That is why in Grandshaykh Abdullah al-Fa’iz ad-Daghestani’s (q) time, which is different from today, he used to give Hajjah Naziha when she was young to write the tawiz with saffron, not with ink. She used to make ablution and write it for him and he gives it to people. He never used something printed except in the last year of his life. He used it then because many people were coming to him and it was impossible to write them all by hand, so we printed a lot for him. But for jinn treatment it is better to use saffron.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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