To Shaykh Syed Shahzaman.About the dream Dajjal and fear

Thank you for interpreting my dream.
Excuse me for disturbing you but I want to know if this dream that you have interpreted comes from God or the Devil ?
Thank you.



Bismillahir rahmanir Raheem,

Typically dreams from Allah seems like a reality and leaves a long-lasting effect on one’s mind. The dreamer remembers the dream with the minute details. The dreamer remains fully immersed in the dream and derives comfort in it.

Dreams from Shaytan have many happenings that are not consistent with facts and leave a worrisome feeling. It does not give a clear message.  Dreams from nafs is a mix of reality and fantasy and sometimes gives clear message and sometimes very vague. My best guess is it is from your nafs. Allah and His Holy Messenger (sallal lahu alayhis salam) know  the best.

Syed Shahzaman

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