Dream: Shaykh Standing Silent


My salaams and respect to Shaikh Hisham.

About 1 year +some months ago Shaikh came to me in my dream much younger than he is now. He stood in a corner on my room as if he was waiting on me, and as I got up I saw from his chest up all beautifully dressed in white… amazingly …he wore no facial expression, meaning no smile no sadness.  He stood at a short distance to my right not looking at me directly but as I sat up on my bed I was looking at him. I never spoke or made a gesture to speak I just looked. He never spoke a single word he just stood there ..making sure I saw him. I was not scared nor was I worried but I did smile not with my lips though but with my eyes letting him know I acknowledge his presence when he knew he got my attention it is as if he disappear sort of… faded away for a while and as I kept sitting and looking in the same direction… He came back even clearer in a very nice manner he lift his head and nudged his chin like wanting to show me something. He never spoke a single word but my eyes knew and understood his word less language
… I understood what he was saying …and then he did the nudge with his head and chin once more as if saying look..lookkk… at what I brought for you and as my eyes turn a little off from shaikh to look at what he wanted to show me. I saw a man he just waltz in and we both were looking more like staring at each other, as if we had meet on the day of promises.  We both seem to have know each other as if from our past …as he kept looking at me I once again looked back to see if shaikh was there and to see his eyes. Alhamdulillah he was still there and I did see his eyes and again he did the nudge with his head as if saying look closer and shaikh just disappeared as I look at the man. I was in awe …my heart was lit. Cant explain it in words but I realize 2 things #one…. I had only heard of the name of this person who stood before me I have never seen or meet him ( iftikhar).
and # two… his hands glowed yes the insides of his hands glows like a light and we both just kept staring at each other. For my eyes also glowed in that special way like his hands. I got up at around 2.45am and I sat on my bed and I remembered everything I dreamt and I wrote it all down …IA.


a`udhu billahi mina ‘sh-shaytani ‘r-rajeem


Ati`oollaha Wa ati`oor-Rasula wa ulil-amri minkum
Obey Allah Obey the Messenger and Those on Authority from among You (an-Nisa, 4:59)

Seeing the Shaykh in that state represents the station of Annihilation, Fana,
that is developed out of Love and Presence with the Shaykh who has that same Love and Presence with his Shaykh and so forth back to the Prophet (s) and from the Prophet (s) to Allah (swt).

As the Prophet (s) said, “If you want to see someone who died before he died, look at Abu Bakr as-Siddiq.” It means his desires were dissolved into the desires of the Prophet (s). Hence you see the image of the Shaykh dissolveand come back clear with more guidance. Words are not necessary at that time because your heart connection is strong to receive whatever information you need.

With this strong connection to the Shaykh he will direct you to people who are beneficial for your spiritual development among murids. The murids recognize each other as from the day of promises they were with their Shuyukh and among other murids. When they are together in the Love of the Shaykh the Prophet and Allah `Azza wa Jal, they benefit tremendously and subtle angelic energy is released and dressed upon them, (hence light in the hands and eyes).

This is supported by the Prophet’s (s) hadith. “Souls are like marshaled soldiers…” and Shah Naqshband’s statement ‘Tariqatuna Sohbah wa’l-khayru fi’l-jami`yyah – Our Way is association and the greatest good is in the group”.

Iftikhar has to do with pride as if Allah and His Prophet and the Shaykh would be happy with you.

W`Allahu `alam wa Rasuluh

Kamau Ayyubi
reviewed and approved by Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

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