Dream: Dream about grandma



1) I saw a dream that some white colored worms are in between my grandma’s teeth. In her teeth’s gap some worms are walking. My grandma has passed away recently, I saw this dream before her death.

2) Within one week after her death I saw another dream that my grandma was taken back to home alive (from the grave). Everyone is coming to see her, that she is not dead.

Please give me its interpretation, I’m thankful to Allah that I’m born a Muslim, Sunni and Hanafi. Alhamdhulillah.

May Allah bless you with peace and wisdom



Wa alaikum Salaam,

The first dream was about your grandmothers approaching death, the next dream is her life in barzakh and how your prayers and sadaqah reach to her by Allah’s mercy.

Wallahu Alam,

Kamau Ayubbi

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