Dream after Qiyam al-Layl


I had a dream after Qiyam al layl that there where multiple men after me and i was really afraid they weren’t after my kids just me. They kept shooting at me and wherever i would go hide they would shoot at me they really hated me. A man came and told me i will help you and jumped and we went above the clouds and landed in the sky.  A voice told him send her back down as a blue bird so the men couldn’t find me we shot down to earth so fast and when i thought i would hit the ground and die i became a bird and started flying. I saw the men looking for me but they didn’t know i was a blue bird. Please if you have time to translate i would greatly appreciate it may Allah bless you and your family.


Your four enemies are nafs, dunya, hawwa and shaytan attacking because you are doing strong mujahada of Qiyam and Dhikr. The man who saved you is a Wali assigned by Sultan al-Awliya to protect you. Becoming a bird means with Awliya help – your soul is given a boost for more worshiping. Allah knows best.

Taher Siddiqui

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