Dream: Horrified at Ka`aba


salam , I had a dream few days back which really horrified me. I saw me, my mother and a few relatives…. I saw we were at Kabba and I am not able to perform salat? I am really worried what does that mean and I  am really grateful to get the answer.



Being horrified in a dream means a huge opening dunya-wise and akhira-wise for you.
Seeing the Ka`aba and not being able to pray means seeing Reality and entering the Divine Presence and feeling shy that you did not perform worship well during your life and you were not able to pray because you find yourself completely helpless in the Divine Presence of the House of Allah swt.

So try to be more pious in your prayers and more concentrating and read the Holy Qur’an as much as you can and insha-Allah all this will be easy  for you in the next phase.

Seeing the Holy Ka`aba erases all your sins and brings you to be as if you had been born today. The person who goes to House of Allah will not leave empty-handed, so be happy. Thus that is very good dream, so congratulations!

Hajjah Naziha Adil

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