Dream: Quran and Black Dog


I kept seeing the same type of dream a couple of times and thought I should get some interpretation. I remember seeing the same kind of dream where I walked into this majlis that’s underneath a big mountain and there were people who would go there to visit including myself. And in the left corner of the place were some people who were selling Holy Quran with different colors and to the right was the wudu area. So it so happened that today I saw myself going to the same place where people were selling Holy Quran and I went to make wudu and after I came out of that place, I took an inner street and made a right to go back to that building, but there was this black dog who was in front of me and once it saw me it started heading back to bite me. I had a piece of string that I kept wrapping the dog’s mouth and the dream ended. Would this dream mean anything?


Alaykum salam,
Mountain represents awliya and you are under their dome. Buying Quran means you leave dunya behind. Black dog is the things that try to distract you from Allah and dhikr. String is Mawlana’s wird and wazifa which makes shaytan powerless.
And Allah knows best.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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