Dream: Dead Cats


Salam Alekum Mawlana,
I hope this finds you in the best of health and blessings.
Last night I had a dream, the first part of which I find not worth mentioning, but towards the end I found myself walking in a street cracked and broken. If I remember correctly I was holding my 2 children’s hands’ and trying to walk with them. I thought why is it so hard to walk here, and I looked down the street was filled with the carcasses of dead cats, big and small, all kinds and colors, in different stages of decay, almost buried in piles of mud. The more I tried to avoid these mud holes with the more they appeared . Is there a special significance to this dream?

I thank you so much for your efforts and the time you give us all. May Allah bless you and reward you, Inshallah.


wa `alaykm salam,
Cats represent troubles, and difficulties. Seeing them dead means these have been resolved, alhamdulillah.

w’aAllahu `alam

Kamau Ayyubi

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